One of the strengths of Act! CRM is it’s flexible deployment options. Unlike most CRM’s, Act! can be deployed anywhere from small single user environments through to large multi-user environments where a combination of mobile device access, offline data and server-based stability are required.

Click on the links below to view the product suitable for each scenario:

Single User  Act Proflexibility

Small Office Network  Act Pro

Larger office network of more than 10 users  Act Premium

Offline access via laptop or pc outside of the office  Act Premium

Terminal/Citrix Server  Act Premium

Access data from Smartphone or Tablet (i-pad or Android) using your web browser  Act Premium Mobile

Access data from Smartphone or Tablet (i-pad or Android) offline access  HandHeld Contact

Internet (web) Access  Act Premium for Web

Act! CRM can also be deployed using a mixture of the above options. For example you could have some users in the office accessing through the LAN, remote or mobile users with a local database on a laptop, and others using the web client.